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Nordic Spirit Smooth Mint Mini Strong. LYFT · LYFT Blonde Roast All White Portion · LYFT Caribbean Spirit Strong Slim All White Portion · LYFT Easy Mint Mini All White Portion · LYFT Freeze · LYFT Ice  Here you will find our selection of Lyft Nicotine Pouches. LYFT - white, flavorful pouches filled with innovation. Lyft Winter Chill X-Strong Slim All White. This page is about Lyft Festival Sweden,contains How riding in Lyft this Friday could win you festival tickets,TQ-swedish festival-7857 Mid-Summer Swedish  LYFT. Flavour.

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This is the strongest product from LYFT so far.Nicotine 16mg/gNet Weight (g) 16.8LYFT is white, flavorful p Välkommen in i butiken! Öppettider: vard 13.00 - 17.00 övrig tid enligt ö.k.. Nordic Billyft AB Industrivägen 57 433 61 Sävedalen. Telefon: 031 - 26 79 00 Epost: Er du på jagt efter nydelsen og suset ved snus, men kunne godt tænke dig en friskere oplevelse?

LYFT All White Snus - Tobaksfritt snus hos - E-cigg

Extra Strong (22+mg/g) Strong (16-21 mg/g) Medium (10-15 mg/g) Light (4-9 mg/g) Pouch Size. Large; Slim; Mini 12 24 36 All. per page. Sort By. Position (Ascending) Name (Ascending) Price (Ascending) Most popular (Ascending) Set Descending Direction. Sale 36%.

Lyft nordic winter strength

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Lyft nordic winter strength

LYFT snus is a sequel to the popular Epok snus, some say there is no noticeable LYFT Nordic Winter Slim. The nicotine pouches have a smooth flavour but underneath the lovely taste is a strong nicotine kick with a strength of 16mg/g. The LYFT nicotine pouches give  Nordic Winters nicotine bags come in slim form and have a normal nicotine strength of 8 mg / g.

Lyft nordic winter strength

Royal Purple. €6,25. LYFT. Nicotine Strength mg / per bagk), 11 mg. Weight of the LYFT Winter Chill X- Strong Slim is a completely tobacco-free product containing nicotine. It has a taste  LYFT is the next generation of nicotine product, a portion bag filled to the brim with LYFT WINTER CHILL 10 PACK Nordic Spirit have moved ever so slightly away from the classic minty flavours and X-TREME STRENGTH MIX- PACK. Nordic Winters nicotine bags come in slim form and have a normal nicotine strength of 8 mg / g.
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Item # nordic-winter-slim. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List The tobacco free LYFT Nordic Winter Slim is a limited edition flavor by LYFT. Its discreet and all white nicotine pouched deliver medium strong nicotine kicks together with a delicious flavor inspired by the Nordic forests. Lyft Winter Chill Slim Extra Strong - All white nicotine pouches with a crispy taste of mint that's rounded off with wood tones for a fresh and sweet experience. Reminds a little of a classic root beer with the great sweetness. The portions are made with fibers and added nicotine which excludes the risk of discolored teeth.

LYFT Tropic Breeze Slim. €4.47 As low as €3.35. Out of stock. LYFT Liquorice Slim. €4.47 As low as €3.35. LYFT är helvita, smakrika portioner fyllda med innovation. Med LYFT får du en banbrytande effektiv nikotinupplevelse och spännande smaker helt utan tobak.
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Lyft nordic winter strength

This time with a cooling menthol taste wrapped in a lovely creamy sweetness. Strength: 8mg/g LYFT-serien har ett tobaksfritt snus för alla årstider, den begränsade upplagan LYFT Nordic Winter representerar de nordiska skogarna med en rad unika smaker kombinerade för att skapa en perfekt blandning. Lyft Nordic Winter is the latest addition of nicotine pouches from BAT. With a normal nicotine content of 5,6 mg per pouch combined with the traditional flavor of berries and wood tones makes this one a real home run if you're a regular user looking for a slim pouch with lots of flavor. Nicotine pouches is easy to use anywhere at any time. Normal strength ; Strong ; Extra strong ; Ultra strong ; Nicotine Pouches .

Вес: 16.8 г. Порции: 24.
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LYFT Winter Chill allwhiteonline

LYFT Nicotine Pouches - Berry Frost LYFT NORDIC WINTER SLIM . Forest, flora and berries. Item # nordic-winter-slim.